All Heine S-Frames for surgical loupes are designed by Rudy Project

Posted by Brian Gallagher on

I had a potential customer come to me the other day and say, "I love your optics but another manufacturer said they are the only company that can mount their loupes on Rudy Project frames".  Well.....Heine's S-Frames are designed and built by Rudy Project and are similar in style to the Rydon style frame.  Below are a few pictures to illustrate my point.

Rudy Poject Rydon style frames:


Heine's S-Frames Glasses - Rudy Project Rydon Style







Heine was the first company to mount loupes to Rudy Project Glasses:

A word about Rudy Project sport glasses:

Rudy Project is an Italian leader in optical sportswear as well as high-tech sunglasses.  Many cycling race teams wear Rudy Project eyewear in the largest sporting event in the world, "Le Tour De France."  Rudy Project's founder, Rudy Barbazza, strongly believes that you can create eye protection from advanced materials and technology and still make it pleasing to wear. 

Heine's 2.5X loupes mounted on S-Frames are an example that form and function can be acheived in an aesthetically pleasing package!