Microscope Sterile Drapes for Surgical Microscopes

Posted by Theresa Gallagher on

A surgical microscope drape is a large sterile plastic cover.  It is cut in many forms and seamed together to fit different models of surgical microscopes.  The clear plastic (polyethylene-based) material must be strong enough not to puncture when draped over your scope.  It must also be light enough not to weigh down the operation of the microscope. Most importantly, it must cover key components of the scope to maintain sterility over the surgical field.  It is folded and packed for ease of getting it onto the scope without contaminating the drape.

The optical lens caps on drapes are made of glass or plastic, and can be left on or removed, depending on the surgeon's preference. Glass lens caps are optically better quality than plastic.

All of our drapes come sterilized in a peel pouch with the product code, sterilizion date, and sterilization expiration date.

Did I say this is just a plastic bag?  Face it, you are going to cover a microscope for a surgery case that could last only 15 minutes, and then throw it in the medical waste can.  Why spend a heap of money from a big supplier (Microtek, Armatec, 3M, Cardinal Health, MTI, or Mediline)? 

 A couple of things you need to know when ordering microscope drapes:

  • What type of microscope do you own?  Different scopes take different sizes of drape. 
  • Does your Neurosurgeon or ENT surgeon want a glass or plastic lens?  If your surgeon takes the lens cap off, choose the plastic - it's cheaper.

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If you want to know more about our drapes or need a different size,  please call Gallagher Medical Products at 800-481-0972. We offer configurations and sizes for all scope brands - Zeiss, Leica, Haag-Streit, etc. We love to hear from you!

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