Surgical Microscope Drapes


Sterile Microscope Covers for  Leica, Zeiss and Haag-Streit Surgical Scopes 

Gallagher Medical has been outfitting surgical microscopes for hospitals and surgery centers for over 15 years. We offer configurations and sizes for all scope brands - Leica, Zeiss and Moller/Haag-Streit.  

A couple things you need to know when ordering microscope drapes:

  • What type of microscope do you own?  Different scopes take different sizes and shapes of drape. 
  • Does your neurosurgeon or ENT surgeon want a glass or plastic lens?  If your surgeon takes the lens cap off, choose the plastic - it's cheaper.
  • All drapes are single use, sterile packaged, latex free and come in quantities of either 10 or 20 per case.

Call 513-941-6334 if you don't see your drape below!

Hospital and Surgery Center Purchase Orders welcomed by email or phone. Terms are Net30.

Legal Stuff:  Zeiss, Leica, Moller and Haag-Streit are registered trade names (TM). We are not affiliated with these organizations.