K-262.10.118 | Heine Delta 20T LED Polarized Dermatoscope

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Heine's Newest and Finest Dermatoscope Yet

"T" is for Toggle

  • New! - Delta 20T Toggle Function. Now alternate between polarized and non-polarized views with the press of a button. No exchanging contact plates.
  • Heine High-Resolution Precision Optics. High quality, achromatic optical system, unmatched sharpness and resolution. Magnification from 10x-16x for recognition of the smallest details and structures.
  • Heine Quality High Performance LED Light. Optimal light intensity, homogeneity and color rendering for the most accurate diagnosis.
  • Adjustable Eyepiece for Individual Focusing.
  • Digital Documentation. Connect to Canon, Nikon or Olympus SLR digital cameras with Heine's easy- to-attach photo adapters. Specially designed lenses integrate your Delta 20T Dermatoscope optics with your camera to provide the highest quality imaging possible. Option sold separately, see K-000.34.185 for Canon, K-000.34.186 for Nikon or K-000.334.187 for Olympus. 

DELTA 20T Complete Set Includes:

  • Dermatoscope Head with LED Illumination
  • Beta C 2.5V Handle - Takes 2 "C" size batteries 
  • 23mm diameter width Contact Plate with scale
  • 10ml Dermatoscopy oil
  • Dermatoscopy compendium
  • Hard travel case  

Two options for head to handle connection:

  • Heine's patented secure AV connection
  • Twist Lock (TL) connection compatible with other manufacturers system

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