K-008.34.220 Heine Delta 20T LED Dermatoscope Head


  • $99200

The Dermatoscope with the Highest Quality Images and Diagnostic Flexibility

 Exclusively at Heine

For dermatoscopic examination and early diagnosis of malignant melanoma, non-melanocytic lesions, basal cell carcinoma and dermatofibroma.
  • New! - Delta 20T Toggle Function. Alternate between polarized and non-polarized views with the press of a button. No exchanging contact plates.
  • Heine High Resolution Precision Optics. High quality, achromatic optical system, unmatched sharpness and resolution. Magnification from 10x-16x for recognition of the smallest details and structures.
  • Heine Quality High Performance LED Light. Optimal light intensity, homogeneity and color rendering for the most accurate diagnosis.
  • Adjustable Eyepiece for Individual Focusing.
  • Digital Documentation. Connect to Nikon, Olympus or Canon SLR digital cameras with Heine's digital camera lens adaptors. Specially designed lenses integrate the Delta 20T optics with your camera to provide the highest quality imaging possible. See K-000.34.185, K-000.34.186, K-000.34.187. 

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