M-000.09.326, Heine Gamma XXL LF Blood Pressure Meter on Portable Wheeled Stand

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The top-quality professional model

Since the GAMMA XXL LF is non-mercurial, it is both safe and environmentally friendly.

· Latex-free.

· Durable polycarbonate construction. Will hold up in the busiest hospital and practice environments.

· Oversized 130 mm diameter scale. Can be pivoted for clear, easy reading from any angle.

· Long spiral inflation tube (3m). For increased working distance.

· High Quality Indicator. Precisely calibrated and durable.

· Precision Air-release valve. Fine and precise air release.

· Pressure-Proof Manometer. Ensures durability and reliability.

· Wall, Desk, Rail and Wheeled Stand. Adjustable height.

· 10 year warranty.*

*against defects in manufacture and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.