C-000.32.324 - HEINE HR 2.5x Loupe with Rigid Frame - 13" Working Distance

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Introducing Heine’s 2.5  magnification Medical and Dental loupes, with German achromatic optics. Available in sports frame glasses.

  • Magnification:  2.5x
  • Working Distance:  13 inches
  • Extremely sharp - Bright images, with a large field of view 
  • The brightest Image – 99.7% light transmission
  • Achromatic Lens – Doublet Lens corrects color aberration
  • Super-Wide, and Deep Field of View
  • Dust and Water Resistant – Clean with mild soap and water 
  • Flexibility for Adjustment – Independent screw-knob to adjust each optic for both left and right   
  • Pupillary Distance (PD) - Multiple settings for angle of declination, ranging from forward to 45 degrees down
  • Super Light – HR Optics weigh only 1.58 ounces, for comfort over extended periods
  • Rigid Mount with three rigid settings for up and down “angle of declination”, or I-View mount with hinged mount for universal up and down settings
  • Heine HR Loupe Set - Complete with Loupe,  S-Frame, carrying case, cleaner, lens protectors, neck strap, autoclavable flip-up levers, optical target, instructions, warrantee card

Heine is a well know German producer of Medical and Dental loupes.  Heine loupes are know as "flip-up" type loupes.  The magnifications range from 2.5X through 6X.  Please see the product selection below for magnifications and working lengths available. 


Heine mounts their loupes on Sport-Frames glasses made by Rudy Project, a renowned and popular sport and sun-glass company from Italy.  In 1985 Rudy Barbazza created Rudy Project with the firm conviction to improve the performance of athletes all over the world. A passion for style and a keen eye for quality all contributed to give life to his Vision: the world's most technologically advanced Sport-Frames.


Heine loupes are considered best in class.  Superior to: Designs for Vision, Orascoptic, Surgitel, Perioptix, Lunettes, Q-Optics and Keeler. Heine loupes are durable, functional, and stylish. They are built to last!


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