HEINE Standard Diagnostic Set

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Heine Standard Diagnostic Set    

Includes: Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope,  K180 Otoscope

and 3.5V Rechargeable Handle & Case

HEINE K180® Fiber Optic Otoscope The standard-all around Fiber Optic Otoscope

Otoscope with Fiber Optic illumination constructed of light, high-impact polycarbonate with a 3x magnification scratch-resistant acrylic viewing window.

Otherwise technically identical to the BETA 200 F.O. Otoscope.

HEINE BETA200 Ophthalmoscope

Features a Patented Aspherical Optical System exclusively from HEINE       

The optics are mounted on an exclusive, cast-aluminum precision chassis. Shock resistant and durable.

·         Dust Free Housing. Maintenance free. Quick, crisp views of the fundus with the revolutionary Aspherical Optical System. Eliminates corneal glare. The elliptical light beam enters through the lower half of the cornea. The illumination beam has been separated from the observation beam (Gullstrand-Principle).

·         All reflexes are diverted away from the observation beam due to the curvature of the reflective cornea. Due to the flat, compressed form of the light beam, a maximum amount of light enters through the pupil.

·         Xenon Halogen bulb for the brightest, most ideal color temperature for fundus examinations. Connection system compatible with other manufacturer’s handles. 

·         Once past the anterior chamber, the light beam opens up dramatically to illuminate a large area of the retina.