X-007.99.649 Heine mPack mini Rechargeable Battery

Regular price $407.00

The Compact and Lightweight Heine mPack mini
The only power source compatible with
LoupeLight 2 and MicroLight 2

70% smaller and lighter than the original mPack

Clips on a pocket, waistband, belt or scrubs. Features an adjustable light intensity control. Perfect as a spare or back-up battery.

Operating time - typically 9 hours in everyday practical use, or 4 hours at full power in continuous operation.

Charging time - typically 4 hours. Can be charged via USB cable by laptop, desktop or plug-in USB charger.

Charge status - Three LED lights display remaining battery power. The last LED flashes when immediate charging is needed. LEDs light up one after the other when charging.

Includes: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This item does not include the plug-in charger or USB cable. (See X-007.99.650)

Metric weight 95g; Dimensions 44x23x101mm.

A student/resident discount is available on this item. Call 1-800-481-0972.