HEINE mPack mini Power Source for LoupeLight2, USB Charger, X-007.99.650

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The Compact and Lightweight Heine mPack mini
The only power source compatible with
LoupeLight 2 and MicroLight 2

Operating time - typically 9 hours in everyday practical use, or 4 hours at full power in continuous operation.

Charging time - typically 4 hours. Can be charged via USB cable by laptop, desktop or plug-in USB charger. 

Charge status - Three LED lights display remaining battery power. The last LED flashes when immediate charging is needed. LEDs light up one after the other when charging.

Clips on pocket, waistband, belt or scrubs. Features adjustable light intensity control.

Set includes: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, medically approved USB plug-in charger and E4-USB charging cable. For mPack mini with no charger, see X-007.99.649

Metric weight 95g; Dimensions 44x23x101mm.